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Show Pallet Show.. ibid


Hilary Jack

Liam Fallon

Faisal Hussain

Luke Routledge

Dean Kenning

Daniel Pryde-Jarman

 Andrew Lacon

Venue: THE ART HOUSE, Castle St, Worcester


Tuesday 5th December 2023 - 30th January 2024  

Pitt Studio & The Art House are proud to present two exhibition viewable from street level on Castle Street, Worcester. "Show Pallet Show ibid' curated and conceived by Daniel Pryde-Jarman and Nat Pitt

The Art House was originally designed in 1938-39 as a garage for the Austin Motor Company by Scottish architect John Soutar, Austin House later became County Furnishings carpet warehouse, before its repurposing into the University of Worcester’s Art House.

The window gallery space now curated by Pitt Studio started life as the garage’s showroom, whilst the other end of the building was its repair shop, now the art department’s studios.

Throughout January 2024 this former showroom space hosts ‘Show Pallet Show ibid’ - a group exhibition of works displayed on SPAL show pallets.

This is the third iteration of the Pallet Show project, which is informed by the mass transit of artworks in the art market and global economy, and the logistics of their movement from, to, and between, sites of storage and display

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& PITT Studio

School of Art

City Campus University of Worcester

Castle Street



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