Art in the Home (York)

Mark Essen, Andrew Gillespie, Juneau Projects, Charlotte Salt, Sam Curtis

curated by Mark Doyle

Mark Doyle is a curator and director at Rochdale, Touchstones. Over the first weekend in , Doyle and his team ran a unique event entitled Art in the Home. Including works from four commercial galleries (Division of Labour- London, Sunday Painter- London, Platform A- Middlesbourough, and International 3- Manchester), the event took place in the homes of six collectors homes across York and offered visitors the chance to view art in domestic settings. 

Art in the Home (Shefield)

Cornford & Cross, John M Robinson, Gavin Wade, Matthew Cornford, Andrew Mania, Yelena Popova, Jemma Egan
Curated by Mark Doyle and Paulette Brien 


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