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The following slide show displays images from our pilot programme 2020-22


This project was supported with in-kind support from The Art House UoW, Division of Labour Gallery and in part by the Arts Council England recovery fund (see A Council Of Voices by Vanley Burke:   (  )


PITT Studio and The ArtHouse (University of Worcester) have worked with;

Artist Taxi Driver, Robert Barry, Sonia Boyce, Vanley Burke, Victor Burgin, Lydia Corbett, Ruth Claxton, Tiz Creel,  Alan Davie, Angelina May Davis, Chris Denzer, Jayne Dyer, Tracey Emin, Liam Fallon, Priscila Fernades, Gonkar Gyasto, Matt Hale & Nick Cash, Celia Hempton, Mark Houghton, Jeremy Hutchsion, Richard Dean Hughes, Harminder Judge, Hilary Jack, Ellsworth Kelly, Dean Kenning, Andrew Lacon, Kieran Leach, Rosie McGinn, Robin Megannity, Ruth Murray, Sally Payen, Harrison Pearce, Maisie Pritchard, Daniel Pryde-Jarman, Yelena Popova, Luke Routledge, Jenny Saville, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Jonathan Wright, Gavin Wade, Wayne Warren, Isabel Yellin, Rafal Zar


Supporting student work by : Celia Johnson, Chloe Roehead-Hughes, Georgia Rowe, Ben Roberts, Conrad Judge, Andrea Davis, Johanna Okon-Watkins, Sage Coblis, Lewis Graham, Juliet Mootz, Xiola Johnson, Jessica Barrett, Caroline Allen, Ollie Childs, Flora Maycock, Bethany Spicer.

Names in blue indicate solo or group exhibitions in The Art House, other artists were involved with us off-site.






A new project between a City University, a Local Community Interest Arts Organisation and an International Art Gallery


Together; School of Arts (SoA) The University of Worcester, PITT Studio & Project Space and Division of Labour (DoL) Gallery bring you a new programme of Contemporary Art. 24/7 Art & Design exhibitions on view at street level on Castle Street. Free admission to exhibitions, workshops and Performance Weekends.

The Art House, School of Arts, University of Worcester.


"From theatres to festivals; museums to live music- Worcester is rich in culture and heritage as well as being home to some amazing organisations and projects. It is important to us that our students understand the exciting, colourful, fast-paced world that they intend to build a career in. Having excellent working relationships with partner organisations of all sizes across the city and the wider region is important to us, we want to work closely with industry so that it can help shape our students learning experience and so that our graduates understand the industry landscape that they want to work in. Collaborative working with external partners means our students have access to exciting and exclusive opportunities. Our aim is to ensure the students of today play a vital part in the creative industries of tomorrow."
                                                                                                                                                   David Broster, Head of the School of Arts


PITT Studio & Project Space (est.2012 - incorporated C.I.C 2019) will be our administrative and organisational body responsible for fund raising and programming The Art House 'window spaces.' New commissions and exhibitions by early-mid and established career artists will go hand in hand with the academic programme of Illustration, Fine Art, Game Art and Graphic Design including degree shows, course specific projects and staff research. Pitt Studio, Worcester's oldest dedicated contemporary art space, opened in 2006 as an experimental platform for artists. Originally located in Chestnut Walk, supporting local artists until 2013 where upon it split into two spaces and was renamed PITT Studio and Division of Labour (DoL) with galleries in Worcester and Malvern. In 2014 PITT Studio and DoL moved into Worcester City Art Gallery, where it occupied the old library space. During this time DoL opened a series of satellite spaces in London and Manchester. In 2019 Pitt Studio I Projects opened at 4 Edgar Street.


Division of Labour Gallery (Dol) will be our international advisor and advocate offering new national and global networks with access to the Contemporary Arts tv1arket, UK based Art Galleries/ Museums, curators, commissioners and artists. DoL Gallery is a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting contemporary art across the UK. With research interests in regional art market development, art and education and collaborative practice. Projects have included artists; Vanley Burke, Robert Barry, Jo Spence, Brian O'Doherty and Carey Young. The gallery has an international profile with past presentations in Brussels, Rotterdam, New York, Hong Kong, Basel, Vienna and Dallas.

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