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ARTIST ROOMS: Joseph Beuys

Live Art Day

Mikhail Karikis, Clare Thornton (1970-2019), Martin Prosser, Mycah Tequeron, Anaïs Lalange, Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) Daniel Bosworth, Ana Rutter & Timothy James Pratt 

co-curated by Sonya Russell-Saunders


Mikhail Karikis’ work emerges from his long-standing investigation of the human voice as a sculptural material and a conceptual compass, which he employs to explore notions of community and difference, relationality and impossibility, the politics of work and human rights. Karikis's interdisciplinary approach embraces visual art, performance and sound, often generating collaborative projects which engage other art practitioners or specific communities positioned outside the mainstream. His work ranges from the poetic to the theatrical, and activates the potential for ruptures both in perception and ethical concerns.

Clare by Daniel Bosworth crop.jpg

Clare Thornton (1970-2019)  an interdisciplinary maker working predominantly with performance, sculpture, installation and print. Thornton uses a variety of props and materials to devise ‘scenes’ and to examine her relationship to certain objects, texts and spaces. Exploring specific locations, libraries and archives she then enacts/presents her findings playing with memory, materiality and desire. Conversation and cross-disciplinary exchange are crucial elements in her process of making and she collaborates with groups/individuals across diverse fields of art and science to produce new works for public art contexts, museums and galleries nationally and internationally.

Sonya Russell-Saunders is a recent MA Contemporary Curatorial Practice graduate. She has a specific interest in offsite and contextual curatorial strategies and a passion for performative and participatory art. Both facets explore the human encounter with art, and her research considers the notion of curatorial control, subversion and heightened experiences facilitated through psychological and theatrical staging. More recently, her research focuses on the audience as medium. Sonya co-founded The Wig in 2011, and is a partner in Companis Food Provocateurs Llp

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