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Pitt Studio at Edgar St 

Pitt Studio relocated and opened at 4 Edgar Street, comprising of three sister spaces for research, development and display; Electric Cellar, Pitt Studio and Division of Labour will operate from the five story town house in historic Worcester.  

Pitt Studio, Worcester's oldest dedicated contemporary art space, opened in 2006 by Nathaniel Pitt as an experimental platform for artists. Originally located in Chestnut Walk, the organisation supported local artists until 2013 where upon it split into two spaces and was renamed Pitt Projects and Division of Labour (DoL.) with galleries in Worcester and Malvern. In 2014 Pitt Studio and DoL moved into Worcester City Art Gallery, where it occupied the old library space. During this time DoL opened a series of satellite spaces in London. In 2016 Pitt Studio / Projects moved to Droitwich Road in the Barbourne area, and in 2017 the gallery also opened at its present addresses in London and Salford. (Division of Labour)   

Pitt Studio / Projects presents an ongoing program of public art commissions, exhibitions, consultation, talks, screenings and events. It is a not-for-profit, cultural enterprise, community facing organisation which is open to the public, free-of-charge.


Supported by Arts Council England

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