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Curated exhibition at Paradise Works

BUFFER ZONES 12 July – 3 August 2019, 12-5pm 

Paradise Works presented BUFFER ZONES, a group exhibition of thirteen critically acclaimed contemporary artists, curated by Nat Pitt (Division of Labour, The Manchester Contemporary).

Buffer Zones brings together the works of thirteen artists in a physical commentary on the geo-political, social economic and cultural impacts of borders. The audience is invited to make a precarious journey though barricades, borders and partitions to experience Buffer Zones at Paradise Works. Conceived during the United Kingdom’s attempts to leave the EU, themes of division, separation of community and physical space take the fore in this immersive exhibition.

“Space is not a scientific object removed from ideology or politics. It has always been political and strategic. There is an ideology of space. Because space, which seems homogeneous, which appears as a whole in its objectivity, in its pure form, such as we determine it, is a social product.”
― Henri Lefebvre

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