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Andrew Lacon, Ruth Murray, Amba Sayal-Bennett

10th November - 15th December 2022
Viewed at street level 24/7, The Art House Worcester
Castle St, Worcester, WR1 3HN

Marble is rich and irresistible, explored here in the third of five shows working with artists concerned with materials and change*. 
For artists and architects, marble has long been a material that denotes a higher value and status, perhaps not surprising given the inconceivable vast planetary processes of metamorphic action that are required for its creation. The moving of convergent tectonic plates, whole land masses to make marble from limestone. A reverse transmogrifies from the ordinary plain dusty rock taken down into purgatory to rise again as this veined, silken and ice-like stone. Or is it the idea of metamorphosis itself that captivates us; from Ovid to Kafka, two millennia of arts and literature have displayed and recounted our inherent desire for change or revolution?

Reproduction of Sculpture, Andrew Lacon.jpg

Andrew Lacon, Reproduction of Sculpture




Ruth Murray,



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