Trophy Room

Trophy Room with Jayne Dyer and Wayne Warren, Ned James and Tom Russotti

Pitt Projects presents Trophy Room where art meets sport;  Trophies have historically marked achievements in military victory, sport, cultural activity, the hunt. Trophy rooms throughout the world contain(ed) the heads of animals killed as a register of wealth, daring, power and control – over the living (literally animals, symbolically humans).


Jayne Dyer 'Surrender' (2015)

In The Trophy Room Dyer presents a pair of inverted rubber antlers titled Surrender, a bronze camera titled Snap and an ambiguous pelt-like object titled Small Furry Thing alert us to environmental and species frailty associated with excessive competition, objectification and consumerism.

Tom Russotti, 'The Move Project' (2015)
The Move Project, a collaboration between the Institute for Aesthletics, contemporary dancer Birgitt Bodingbauer, and the Munich Refugee Council, worked with unaccompanied minors and family members located at the Bayernkaserne detention center in Munich Germany on a five-week long physical play project. The Bayernekaserne center is one of the most notorious refugee detention centers in Germany. On the site of an old army barracks, the center is a make-shift, fenced-in complex that house a vastly fluctuating number of detainees. In the spring of 2013 it swelled to unbearable numbers, prompting a hunger strike by teenage residents in protest of their living conditions.

Wayne Warren 'Trophy'  (2014-15)
A series of sports trophies entwined with knots referencing Warren's fascination with the legend of the Gordian knot, for Warren it is a metaphor for the complexities of the environment.


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