John Ahearn,  the cast of Kido Rosado with his sister Elizabeth Burgos, her husband Ariel, and their daughter Stephanie’ (1986) / photo by Ivan Dalla Tana 1950-2011




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Est. 1690 #1  #2  #3  #4
Robert Barry, Chris Shaw Hughes, Elizabeth Rowe, Candice Jacobs, Victor Burgin, David Blamey, Chris Hodson & Nicole Mortiboys, Jeremy Hutchison, Gavin Wade, Hendrik Shrat, Plastique Fantastique, Oliver Tirré, Jo Spence, John Ahearn, John M Robinson


On a Thursday once a year every household in the city limits of Worcester UK receives an editioned artwork; 1 of 41000 , 'Est1690. ' An exclusive arts edition, an annual presentation entitled with lead artist (to date: Robert Barry, Victor Burgin John Ahearn, Jo Spence, Gavin Wade) along with established and new artists have been have been specially commissioned to respond to the oldest newspaper in the world.

The printed press industry is in a fragile state. Local, regional, national and international papers are folding under the strain of news on demand and the network of Internet based news, rolling news channels and social media deliver the news faster than print can follow. Homogenisation, monopoly and cartels, news groups and consolidation of the printed press networks is rife. Increasingly the independence of local news is under threat. 

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