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Feb Show
12th February - 4th March 2022

Private collection of Wayne Warren


Love takes on multitudes. To say it is one thing would be a lie. 

But maybe we can all agree. That to be loved, is to be seen. 

And this is where we encourage you to start. 


Look at the work on display, and ask yourself, about the artist's depiction of love? What do they want you to see? Is this depiction sugar coated or abrupt? How do we visually recognise love and intimacy within art? 

Lydia Corbett, Ruth Claxton, Alan Davie, Chris Denzer, Tracey Emin, Gonkar Gyasto, Celia Hempton, Ellsworth Kelly, Jenny Saville, Leona Thomas, Wayne Warren, Isabel Yellin.

Rafal Zar

Solo Show 

Zar describes his work as having  a primeval sense of portraiture (‘Lust’) to other works which are intended to be depictions of ‘allegories’ (‘Love’).

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