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HCA MA Curating


Exhibition 16 - 23 July 2022

Wed-Sat 12-4pm

The MA Fine Art and MA Curating students of Hereford College of Arts proudly present MAniFest. Expanding over two locations within Hereford and Worcestershire.


To manifest: To create something or turn something from an idea into a reality.MAniFest is a dedicated arts festival with no set theme across the participants, visitors can expect to find themselves engulfed in an exciting world of varying artistic outcomes with something for everyone to enjoy.


MAniFest at Pitt Studios, Worcester, plays home to the final fabrications of the MA Curators research studies. With four dedicated sections, audiences are invited to explore the diverse and exciting possibilities of different curatorial practices.


Organised by MA Curating students; Caroline Allen, Ollie Childs, Flora Maycock, Bethany Spicer. Exhibiting: MAniFest - HCA MA Curating.  

Location: Pitt Studio and Project Space, 4 Edgar Street, Worcester, WR1 2LR

The (Art) Fair

Curated by: Flora Maycock


My curatorial practice stems from ideas surrounding immersion and accessibility, with an ever-developing desire to inject fun and humour into my work. Producing outcomes that provide new and exciting perspectives for a wide range of audiences that aim to reignite an enjoyment of art and its spaces. The (Art) Fair is a culmination of these interests that provides a unique, experience-led avenue of enjoyment of artwork. Appealing to a sense of nostalgia, childlike whimsey and desire to play, this curatorial exploration challenges our expectation of artistic viewing, merging both the traditional art world and new contemporary audiences.


Instagram: @florasketches_

Queer Junk

Curated by: Ollie Childs


Over the past year my curatorial practice has centred around social issues. Specifically focusing on the LGBTQIA+ community. This exhibition aims to use the term of “Queer Junk” to subvert the separation of queer culture and the gallery, by creating a make-shift bar experience within a gallery space. Featuring artworks that are more than just erotic imagery, they instead carry messages of inclusivity and empowerment.

Instagram: @olliechilds_art

Sidney Nolan: A Portrait of the Archive

Curated by: Beth Spicer


Throughout this degree, my curatorial practice has narrowed down to a specialist interest in history, heritage, and archiving. This exhibition is the culmination of a research residency at the Sidney Nolan Trust. From discovering these artworks from around 1988, documenting and archiving, to displaying them to an audience. I have grouped and chosen specific photocopies from these uncovered works to create an exhibition showing another side of Sir Sidney Nolan which has not yet been portrayed, through self-portraiture, and the medium of the photocopy.


Instagram: @beth_spicer_photography


south florida sky

Laila Majid and Louis Blue Newby

Curated by: Caroline Lisa Allen


For Majid and Newby the primordial ooze of the swamp is a fertile space for exploring collaboration, collectivity and diversity. Their interest in the DC comic character Swamp Thing stems from the notion that its physical form is rendered fluid, enmeshed within the biologically diverse space of the swamp. Much like the theorist Donna Haraway’s call to make kin with non-human species as a means of mutual future survival, Majid and Newby’s work also looks speculatively towards the potentiality of a new non-binary world.


Instagram: @ridgebank



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