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Plein Air
A Site for Resistance
& Remedial Action

Plein Air.jpg

Andee Collard
Angelina May Davis 
Elisha Enfield
Lewis Graham
John Timberlake
Let's Paint TV

Sally Payen
Yelena Popova
Danny Markey

Plein Air a Site for Resistance and Remedial Action at The Art House in Worcester marks a year-long research project with undergraduate students from Worcester University School of Art looking at act of painting outdoors.

Questions posed by the group include; Is the Plein Air painter an autonomous actor, light of foot, not confined to a studio or institution. Is the Plein Air painter the last radical in a professionalised art world?

Does working outdoors bring you happiness? Is there a virtue in being in the outside world working? How does the corporeal reality of making art surrounded by nature, it's ambient noise and weather conditions, the horizon and daylight affect your mental health?

Project supported by Learning & Teaching Fund, University of Worcester

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