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The Exhibition will be on from December 2nd - January 14th.

Located at The Art House, Castle Street, Worcester, WR1 3HN

- Please check the dates and times below for more details. 

Public open days

December 2021
Thursday 2nd 12-4pm

Friday 3rd 12-4pm

Wednesday 8th 12-4pm

Thursday 9th 12-4pm

Friday 10th 12-4pm

Wednesday 15th 12-4pm

Thursday 16th 12-4pm

Friday 17th 12-4pm


January 2022

Wednesday 12th 12-4pm

Thursday 13th 12-4pm

Friday 14th 12-4pm


Winners and Honourable Mentions as follows


Student Artist 15-19

Winner: Thomas Li


Honourable mentions:
​Phoebe Mills, Gabriella Singleton


Artists 20-54

Winner: Jack Foster 


Honourable mentions:
Eleanor Price, Kurt Hickson



Senior Artist 54+

Winner: Shona, David and John (collective)


Honourable mentions:
Carolyn Blake, Angelina Davis, Nigel Goldsmith. 

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The Worcester Open 2021 is a collaboration between Art House, The School of Arts, University of Worcester